Breaking up with breastfeeding!

It’s been well more than a year since I’ve been a breastfeeding mom, breastfeeding is known to be best for your baby, its one of the best thing I’ve ever..experienced

Browsing on all those nice pictures related to breastfeeding and its easy sometimes to see everyone’s lives through the rose coloured lens of IG and think everyone’s lives are perfect isn’t it?

Well,we all have struggle through,we all have bad days but that does not stop us from doing our responsibility and accepting things the way it is and just go with the flow.

Good’ol fashioned nursing,nothing seems to comfort or soothe a teething baby/unwell/cranky baby.


I have to admit that I will always hold a soft spot in my heart for those special times with my baby.At the same time, breastfeeding is often a most challenging and depleting time,

There were tears!
As much as i adore my nursing relationship with my daughter,there are days where i can feel myself getting anxious and frustrated,days where i wish she would move on.
I’m happy I nursed her as long as I did, but I was ready to wean!
I thought that’s what I was “supposed” to do. It was terrible! Neither one of us was ready to wean. The night I stopped nursing I was so engorged, and she was a screaming mess.
When breastfeeding, inevitably the topic of weaning comes up. “How long will you go for?” “What’s your goal?” “Are you going to nurse until baby is ready to stop?”
We read so much before giving birth about the challenges of breastfeeding, but no one mentions the challenges of weaning..
So,here i am, the reality is lil miss is turning 2 in no time and i just can’t imagine..
I’ve made a routine recently and i wasn’t sure it’ll really worked,but it did.
I’ve stopped breastfeeding her during the day i know its difficult coz they keep on clinging and there’s no way we can push them away,call me a mean mother really does not matter,seriously!
Here’s the trick all i did was i always have small/tiny lemon in the house,here’s why?Whenever lil miss would come looking for booboo all I did was rub the lemon on my nipples and the expression OMG!(too cute too handle) it worked and you know how that guilt will always take over you,there are times when i cry, not that i totally weaned her off,i feed her twice in a day when she sleeps during the day and at night and guess what does she say-Mama magic:)and rub the nipple and smile through out(I’m sobbing right now)its difficult to get it off especially when they’re sleepy,the only thing that soothe them,but I’m giving it sometime to let go during these hours too  and I’m pretty sure we can do it.
A full-time mom is all about managing/running errands in the house,to be very honest,not like any other toddler,my kid is a foodie so feeding her and introducing solid food to her was the easiest,i aint bragging,she eats almost everything,she even eats maggi with raw onions:)lol!
We all have our own views,after all no two moms are the same, different ways of parenting when it comes to our decision be it weaning/when is the right time to feed them/keeping them at the daycare/playschool/getting back to work etc..the list goes on…
Im happy now that my daughter is also adjusting and il cherish these moments, that i was able to nourish her ,these moments are precious and our bond is strong!
So,all you mamas out there it takes time and what really worked for me is PATIENCE its the key,the more you push them away the worse the situation becomes.
Breastfeeding relationship changes so much in the course of a year.
Would love to hear from the changes in the breastfeeding relationship!
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Welcoming summer!

Hi there, everyone!I can’t believe its already March which means spring is here,while i was packing lil miss winter wear this morning,something just hit me and realised that my baby is a grown up kid now, she won’t be able to wear these clothes until next year and what do i do with them?those nice tiny waist coat/jackets-tiny jeggings-winter rompers etc..sobbing:(!

Nothing in the world matters seeing your kid growing up right infront of your eyes hmmm..lil senti here and i think every mom can relate to this.


With that being said, back to what i wanted to share with y’all i’m already feeling the change of season, new season, new set of posts!


Pastel colours are a must this summer ,the colours and styles are on trend and fun, with an accessory ,giving a dress up touch kids love.


Don’t you love coming across new finds for your kids especially when they are super cute, cool and fit well in the budget?but but….the clothes must be comfortable in fit, comfortable in style, comfortable in texture and be on trend for kids to love!


I mean seriously how cute are these?

Footwear@sandal H&M,shoes@shoopenkids



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Easy toddler meal!

Hello guys,its been a while since i last posted,hope y’all enjoyed your weekend as mush as i did:)

My haphazard mix of mothering, tweeting, playing, blogging, housekeeping, reading, and just plain randomness frustrates us all. The day ends feeling wasted, and when I look at my surroundings, I realise I’ve gotten nothing done,so today i woke up all geared up with my to do list and i have to at least have a green mark on my list..hmm so without any further ado,Im here to share a recipe,its been at the parking lot for decades.

If you’re searching for homemade recipe of healthy food for toddlers /kids you’re not going to find one simpler than this healthy stew.

What you give your children when they are 1-3 years of age is very important, because the nutritional needs of kids are high at this age. Plus, if they do not get used to variety at this stage, they are unlikely to enjoy different foods at a later age! So, try to include more types of food in their diet, like the Dal and Vegetable soup,meat,fish etc..


Cooking time-1hour

Best for 1-3 years


4-5 pieces pumpkin

2 carrots

1 beetroot

1-2 sweet potatoes or normal potatoes

2 pieces of fish(preferably stomach)

Onion/garlic(i prefer it grinded)

1tablespoon butter

Salt to taste.

Method-Make sure the veggies are washed properly,in a large bowl,mix together all the items pre heat the slow cooker.

First thing first,fry the fish with a spoonful of butter,once its fried and its a lil brownish,remove from flame.

Heat veg oil/olive oil and saute the onions and veggies(salt to taste) for 10-15 mins,add 1-2 cups of water and allow to simmer till the veggies are slightly soft,add the fish/ginger and keep it in low flame and let it boil and make sure the fish does not break into pieces while steering, and mix well until its cooked,you can serve it with a steam rice or bread(always make sure the fish is kept seperately before serving so that you can clear the bones and its not as frustration or hard to scrap the bones)

Always use a fork and mash the veggies so that your toddler will not have trouble swallowing.

Hence the result!


Thank you for stepping by and hope your lil one enjoy  this simple and healthy recipe!

An afternoon well-spent at the zoo!

I’ve been patiently waiting for a sunny weather where I can take little miss out comfortably during the day,it is four months since i last posted:)

Last week we took our very own little monkey to the zoo to see some fellow monkeys with her very own eyes,i wasn’t sure if she was old enough at 20 months to get much out of it,but she surprised us:)and I’m sure your animal -lover will enjoy his/her zoo visit even more if he knows a bit about it.


Here’s a random click while we were also busy making sounds,we didn’t really worry about looking silly;) see if you can imitate how the animals move and sound! you’ll be surprised by the excellent elephant noises and hand movements a toddler can make all on their own.
There’s a reason that “Old MacDonald”is the most beloved song of the toddler year,little kids love animals,kids love to imitate, so a trip to the zoo is the perfect time to practice their mimicry skills.


Was i prepared?hmmm nope,not at all every parent knows that being prepared can be the difference between success and a day out disaster,like i always mentioned I’m not a pro myself but here are few things i’d like to share with you all,things i kept in mind and what i pack for a trip to the zoo with a toddler;

A stroller and a baby carrier,caps,jackets during the winters.

Snacks and drinks,make sure you have lots of water, fruit and healthy snacks

A camera,comfortable shoes.ABS_6854.jpg

Oh! ignore my shabby look;)


So this was what we did, it was a perfect get-out-of-the-house,our two hour visit was fun we sang,we dance while the husband was buzy clicking.


Thank you for stepping by!!

Overcoming mommy guilt

“Mommy Guilt” and I am no exception,moms from all walks of life have mommy guilt, which blows the ‘grass is greener’ thing right out of the water.

Well,I’ve been wanting to share my thoughts and how I feel whenever I have these guilt,the list goes on- good playground for your kid,clothing-footwear-toys-a deluxe model stroller loaded with bells and whistles than a plain stroller,an apartment which has all the facilities for your kid to enjoy,a playroom with loads of dreamy stuffs around,but many of the things that we think of as “necessary” aren’t. What kids really need is love not the next expensive activity.

We all need a break from our daily routine, spoil yourself with spa treatment during the weekends and never cancelled trips to the salon:)its fun but damn you still miss your baby and still feel guilty leaving her and  all you wanna do is  rush home,its easy to feel bad isn’t it?Am I a bad mom? serving healthy food for my family,keeping a clean house,buying good stuffs for my daughter,reading books,clicking nice pictures these are all secondary,I’m a good mom because I do things wholeheartedly and with whatever I can,mistakes what makes me one and agonize over whether I’m doing it right.


How did I overcome it? motherhood is a blessing,we make mistakes and we learn as we go, i wasn’t born a mom:)yes I’m a mother but nothing is my hand everything is in Gods hands  my role as a mother is to take good care of my daughter,make sure she eats nourished food,protect her,be her cheerleader till my last breath and will fight against the world if anybody tries to harm her,but if your child is sick  don’t blame yourself for not being a good /better mom,the blame you create for yourself will keep growing in your mind and I’m speaking from experience.

A good mom doesn’t do it all,a good mom does what she does best and enjoys most based on the needs and priorities of her family and herself and thats not something to feel guilty about.

Self appreciation is organic,always encourage yourself and be with people who have positive energy ,whether its small accomplishment or just life in general, you have to believe in yourself.

To document this wonderful life i’m living and share what i learn along the way with you all..

Thank you so much for stepping by!















New Craziness travelling with a baby!

Last year was our babymoon our last vacation of true relaxation😊this year was a little different we had a baby.
There was no time spent reading on the beach,sipping fruity drinks,we didn’t spend anytime clicking pretty beach pictures,it was quick ,random pictures!

Oh!Thank God we didnt take our DSLR with us🙏🏻🙏🏻

The Lawn!
This place is amazing!

So,this trip was not planned at all,we just decided to take a break to escape all those things you normally do at home:) first thing first hmm it was a bad time to visit this place since it was off season and it was raining mess,but the best part was we’ve been craving for this weather,delhi was stinking hot,surviving her for last 7years we still can’t bear the heat its horrible,so the vacation was still highlight of the year so far:)

We stayed for 3nights and we had an awesome time but we had to stick to the routine especially her sleep;)I loved traveling with my husband  just after we were married. But I love it more now that I have kid, It takes it to another level.

Cuteness overlaod!
Morning family selfie!
On our way to the famous Martin’s corner!
Seeing things through children’s eye is magical!
The lonely beach!


There’s something unique travelling with a baby you can’t sleepwalk through it or fake it,travelling with a kid should be an ongoing one and I’m speaking from my experience start thinking-planning !Its fun!

Thank you for stepping by!





Myra’s first birthday!

Hi loves hope everyone had a beautiful week:)
I wanted to share some of the pictures from her birthday
This past weekend Myra turned one and i honestly can’t believe it!This past year flew by and my little baby is now officially a toddler that runs around everywhere and has quite a little personality already.
Planning Myra’s birthday was super fun for me.Even though we tried to keep it with just close friends and family her party quickly added up to about 70 people,but it turned out pretty great,i did the table myself after months and months of prep which took quite a long time to say the least.
The cake and sweets couldn’t have been more beautiful!
Hence the result so dreamy!
Look at that expression:)
Daddy’s girl!
I would very much welcome and invite you guys to share your thoughts:)
Thank you for stepping by!

Letter to my daughter on her 1st birthday!

Dear Mia,

I still cannot believe how far this journey has gone by it feels like just yesterday,i have no idea where the past year has gone,you are the most amazing person in my life,it has been the greatest joy watching you grow and I’m thankful dear Lord and we feel blessed.


I felt you were pea,lemon and an eggplant,i held you,fed you, i realised i would spend the rest of my life making things that would make you happy and that would make me happy,i still remember your first smile,how you hold my hands with those tiny little fingers,you have taken the best of me and the best of your dad and perfected the combination,i made you and you made me a mother,i held you tight and breathe you in,you were all mine and didn’t want to share you with anyone.


As days go by,i grew along with you,there were times when i get hardened/jaded a little bit but when i see that smile on your face my heart just melt,there were days when i skip shower and fed you like an open bar you were so attached to me,your love is so pure and i just can’t get enough of you my love,you made me a mama today blessed doesn’t even begin to describe what i am.

You have an incredible sense of humour,you love to copy what we do,whatever word,sound you hear,your funny faces,shrieks,pouts,laugh,throwing things on the floor,throwing yourself down on the floor,you are my DRAMA QUEEN!

You are an extrovert-overfriendly -outgoing, you love to wave,blow kisses and say Hi  to everyone even complete strangers LOL:) this you take after your father ,who easily makes friends where he goes,this first year of your smile was full of new milestones first laugh,first smile ,first step,tooth is still pending 🙂 and every achievement was a personal triumph for me,mommy promise to continue being your biggest cheeleader as we enter your second year of life and look forward to many more memories.


I hope you always know just how much you are loved and how proud we are of you

You are my sunshine,my life,my world you are the greatest blessing one could ever receive!

Happiest of happy 1st birthday my lovely girl!



PS-To my dear husband,we survived by the the grace of God we made it through,there is no one else i would rather share this adventure of parenthood with-I love you too!





Quick and easy Chicken salad!

The weather here is awful,there never seemed to be any great fuss attached making this salad

The tangy salad combines this comfort food with a citrus dressing,the easiest one ever,so perfectly simple.



Chicken breast meat(steamed/boiled)

1/2 finely chopped onions

1/2finely chopped spring onions(few pieces peppermint leaves & dry red chillies)

1 tablespoon lemon juice

1/2 tablespoon salt

Direction;In a medium bowl,toss together the chicken and add all the ingredients,add lemon and salt before serving and stir to coat.

Chill until serving!


Have a great weekend ahead!