The Ancient Beauty-Beauty & Self care Range Inspired by Global Ancient Cultures



I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of make-up – Demi Moore.

Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face,its about having a pretty mind,a pretty heart and a pretty soul.

The Ancient Beauty range is inspired by the age-old ancient beauty cultures of the world globally & is created from edible ingredients. All products are 100% natural, Eco-friendly & do not contain any artificial colours,chemicals or preservative.


After pregnancy ,everything changes even seemingly little things like hair and skin,well to start with I’m a big fan of natural and organic products be it clothes,food,skin care.I’m sure you all know by now, I love experimenting with my hair and clothes but when it came to my skin I never experiment neither I own any of those expensive beauty products anyways while I continue to use Forest Essential I recently came across these Ancient beauty product by Dr Deepti Sehgal.

A Note From the Founder

Cleopatra, the epitome of beauty never visited a spa or a skin clinic…

The old charm of grandma’s beauty recipies has somewhere lost in the midst of chemical based beauty industry. Real beauty reflects from within & need not be dependent on external treatments. Modern beauty products not only sell dreams but also carry health threats due to their extensive chemical compositions.

About ‘The Ancient Beauty’

– Dr Deepti Sehgal

Today Im going to share the best skin care products and the product range


                               AGE-OLD ANCIENT AYURVEDA BEAUTY CULTURE

Age-old Ayurveda Beauty rituals serve as the guiding force behind natural self-care for ancient women since ages. The secret to the“fountain of youth” is all hidden in the age-old literature of Ayurveda!

Ancient Indian women believed that if you couldn’t eat it, do not apply it! Now, modern science confirms what is applied on the skin is absorbed by the body & adds immensely to internal toxin accumulation.Ingredients ranging from sandalwood, saffron, amla herbs like neem, tulsi, turmeric have always been an inseparable part of Indian beauty culture.Basically, the skin care regime of

The Ancient Beauty – Ancient Indian women comprised of the most nutritionally edible

herbs and oils.


                                                The Ancient Illuminator


Stimulates blood circulation for healthy glow & rejuvenates & illuminates the dull skin
Quantity: 200 Gms
Cost: Rs 300

                                               The Ancient Satin Body Scrub


Rejuvenating, stimulating & heavenly chocolaty, coffee and spicy body scrub that exfoliates, softens & smoothens the body like satin!
Quantity: 350 Gms
Cost: Rs 500

                                                The Ancient Lip Moisture


For natural & edible lip exfoliation, softening & moisturising

Quantity: 30 Gms

Cost: Rs 150

                                                       The Ancient Dew


Anti-aging formula for fine-lines, aging & mature skin. Helps moisturize the skin deeply.

Quantity: 200 Gms

Cost: Rs 400                                                   

                                                         The Ancient Fairness


For natural fairness & bleaching effect.

Quantity: 200 Gms

Cost: Rs 400

                              AGE-OLD ANCIENT ORIENTAL BEAUTY RANGE

The ageless ancient Japanese beauties called ‘Geisha’s’ were known for their forever porcelain complexion, breathtakingly pure skin & glossy hair. They used to follow a disciplined natural skin care routine comprising of Purifying, Polishing, Brightening & nourishing the skin with nature’s ingredients.

                                                     The Ancient Oil Control Brightener


Natural oil-control formula for oily skin. Brightens the complexion.

Quantity: 200Gms

Cost: Rs 400                                                       

                                                   The Ancient Japanese Scrub


Cleanses, softens, nourishes & moisturizes

Quantity: 350 Gms

Cost: Rs 300

                                                            The Ancient Face Wash


Cleanses, exfoliates, lightens, softens & stimulates

Quantity: 200 Gms

Cost: Rs 250

Experience- At the end of the day,though its not about how many products you use-its about which product you use and I’m glad I came across these darlings.The first rule of skin care is  to eat well.I started using these products for a month now,and seeing progress in me and very happy with it to recommend for others to try although the results may vary person to person and skin type. I really like the product from the face scrub-face wash-dew etc,while I’m was still struggling with oily skin these beauties came right on time,honestly I’ve stopped using any other products and I wish to continue with these products.These products has no fragrance issue-no itching on the skin-no greasiness,a little quantity of it is enough-it gets absorbed quickly with no oiliness left on the skin.The product has formulated 100%natural ingredients.These products are natural and organic ingredients,it is very good for the skin-the product has got a pleasant fragrance,a lot people invest good money when it comes to their skin,if you’re a fan of organic products then don’t go pass by these products.

                       Founder of ‘Macrobiotic Wellness’ & ‘The Ancient

Beauty’- Dr Deepti Sehgal

– Doctor of Alternate (Oriental) Medicine
– Internationally Certified Macrobiotic Dietitician (Global & local consultations)
– Ancient Health Empowerment & Transformation Coach & Trainer
– Certified Detox Specialist
– Internationally Certified Alkaline Diet & Health Coach
– Internaltionally Certified Raw Food Nutritionist
– Author of ‘Body & Mind Trandformation the Ancient Way
– Speaker
-Healing Foods Chef Instructor

You can also reach her

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