Review-Woodgeek Customised Notebook

The art of writing a journal

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”-Dr.Seuss

Have you ever pondered over the thought of what life would be without memories? You’re life would be the root of tragic experiences, and turned into a darker shade. Memories are the way you learn, where sometimes two or more events get blended not accurately and remembered as the same event. Human emotions are turned into pages you would like to flip, and they create all over overwhelming memories.


Luckily, your  ancestors discovered the art of writing and put all the overwhelming memories into paper, which gives you the credibility to put down all your memories by this form of art. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea forever. Writing is art which is an open minded medium of expression in the rhythm of your narrative. It’s about finding your way way into the moment and express it all in paper.

What better way  penning down your journal in this pretty bamboo notebook,read more about here


When you put down all your thoughts, emotions, memories, journey or  about anything, be it personal, events, business’s all in your dairy. Keeping a Personalised Wooden Notebooks dairy can be very beneficial as nothing heals better than words, it is the way to understand your feelings and explore your inner animal and spirit by writing. A dairy can be your other half where you share your emotions, feelings, memories. A dairy can also be beneficial in many ways, it requires you to think through the why’s and how’s of life. You would be naturally be reminded to articulate your next steps when you journal.

So, for all of you who are still looking for ways to vent, you should take up the art of writing and start talking to your journal and here’s how you can grab one for yourself and get a personalised gift option of your choice,click here

Wooden Notebooks & Pens

They have a wide range of of variety/productsThis bamboo wood notebook does exactly as it says;unleashes your creativity.Words flow seamlessly only when the pen touches the right kind of paper.It’s the only part of you that will be around when you need it the most. It’s where you can share your deep secrets, happiness, memories etc!



Since Father’s day was just around the corner I wanted to surprise my better half with this engraved bamboo notebook,it comes along with this sleek  personalised pen (personalised as per my choice)if you’re looking for something similar click here

Journal writing is not only therapeutic but also makes you productive. You can have have a  Customized wooden notebooks for your work journal, daily journal, art journal or any form of writing you like!

Nothing can substitute the art of writing, and the 21st century click or tab on your gadgets would not give you the feeling of authentic emotions.

So, start making writing an art and journal precious moments beyond the confirms of just feelings!

Apurba Custom process-2

You can also find them here to understand more about the product;

At Woodgeek, you will find personalised dairy, personalised notebooks that are eco friendly bamboo note books that you can find for any celebration. One of the most accomplished notebook for an upcoming occasion is World’s Best Dad Notebook

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