Wandering Around Colombo!

Hello guys,hope you all are doing great, as you may (or may not) have noticed I’ve been very quiet here recently.
So,our recent trip to Sri Lanka was fun,there is something about Sri Lanka !

I don’t think I’ve been anywhere in the world, where people have been so genuinely warm, welcoming and just downright nice, like really, really nice.
We stayed in two different places Colombo and Bentota.
We wanted to mix it up have some nice time in a child-friendly place.
Starting off with three nights,we stayed in Colombo,we stayed in the hub so everything was just a minute away from the hotel.


First day in Colombo:)

Like i said we stayed for 3nights we had limited time to see around and with a toddler it gets a lil tiring,however we managed to visit these beautiful places in Colombo.

  • Independence Memorial Hall ( Independence Square)

Isn’t it beautiful?The weather wasn’t too friendly for the camera but my husband still managed to capture few, oh my little one enjoyed the most after she saw lions everywhere:)

Independence Memorial Hall is located in the Independence Square at Colombo 7. This place is known as Torrington Square in early days. This Hall was built for the commemoration of the independence from British in 1948. But the construction of was started after the Independence.


DCIM100GOPROGOPR3864.Statue of late Hon. D.S Senanakaya, the first Prime minister of Sri Lanka is located in front of this monument.


  • Gangaramaya Buddhist temple

Gangarama Temple is located in the heart of the Colombo city by the Beire Lake. This is one of the prominent Buddhist center in Colombo and visited by many local and foreign devotes daily.



Religion plays a strong part in Sri Lankan’s daily life. So much culture,ancient ruins and temples are something you love to explore, then you will adore Sri Lanka.

This place is so serene and calm,yes we decided to celebrate our daughter’s birthday in Srilanka BUT nothing was planned believe me we went with the intention to just chill and have fun,so after the cake cutting in the morning we visited this place and spend the day here with the monk,took blessings,prayed,couldn’t ask for more like seriously! so beautiful.




Sri Lanka to me is a big collage of everything, food,culture, religion etc.

Sri Lankan food is to die for!

Everywhere you go, you’ll find delicious food, often seafood pulled straight from the Indian Ocean and curries made with the freshest natural ingredients and accompanied by rice of course. Can you stay without rice? I can’t:)

The traditional spread is to die for!

I wish i can write more but you will have to wait for another exciting one ‘Our road trip to Bentota’

Till the stay tuned:)

Thank you for stepping by!





9 thoughts on “Wandering Around Colombo!

  1. Beautiful pictures dear . Yes with the toddler its bit hard to visit the places.
    Srilanka is definitely on my bucket list .


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