Budget tips redecorating toddler’s room!

Redecorating your toddler’s room can be a daunting task.

When considering makeovers for kids’ bedrooms, keep these quick and easy room updates in mind so you and your child can transform that bedroom into a creative space that represents a very individual personality.

Here are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to transform a room;

Wall art-For inexpensive wall art/decor,online purchase is one thing we can rely on and we never fail to get find something that interest us,EVERYTHING is available these days you name it and its there,I did my research wall papers with very minimal design and soft colors are available BUT expensive,so i skipped the idea and tried something inexpensive.

Can you spot these wrapping paper with few golden dots on it and few stars designs,you can cut these in any shape/design(your choice)and paste it on the walls,you can always brighten the walls with few photo frames /artwork to help create elements of fun too. If budget is tight.

I’ve also added these butterflies wall stickers,you can find them online at @amazonindia.



Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise– Accessories are another element of fun and colour,displaying those old toys that your child has ignored and dumped  is a no-cost way of adding instant colour.I like to reuse stuffs,so i got few of these dry-cleaned,and I’m gonna make use of those valuable space.


Storage-Honestly I’ve been hunting for toy storage since  my lil one was very young,young i mean still learning how to take those first few steps and the collecting/buying still continues,since i have an OCD i like to keep things neat and organised.

Bought these from the local stores and they are reasonable,few of them are old and I’m reusing it again,always keep your kids’ bedrooms or playroom organized with toy boxes/storage box,playroom storage and toy organizers are a great way to keep your home tidy and your kids’ toys in their proper place.


Valuable space-Those long blank wall in the room really needed a big piece of artwork,fun is important to help them learn, grow and cherish those younger years that vanish way too quickly.


So,here’s what l’ll  be doing with the space,i bought this chalkboard vinyl some months back and now that lil Myra is all grown up,I’m confident that she can spend hours and hours scribbling,drawing,writing on it.

Banners/Tissue pompom decoration-There is no simpler way to add these little seasonal colour to your home and i think it is perfect for decorating kids room/playroom.I bought these banners online from@amazon and the ones in yellow/greyish are self made I’m reusing them(made these for my baby shower) these pompom decoration are from @wishingchair it was on discount i guess,i bought them for Rs 150 or 200 each.



Window Dressing-Summer is already here why not floral with little soft tone on it,I’m yet to buy,and i have to get them stitched too,phew!so much is left!


  • Chart paper(any stationery store Rs 15-20)
  • Butterfly stickers  from @amozonindia Rs 179(warning this product is not a toy and may present a choking hazard for small children)
  • Storage box(local store 5 pieces Rs 1500)
  • Banners@amazonindia Rs350
  • Pompom decoration from @wishingchair
  • Chalkboard vinyl(stationery store its not mentioned and i can’t recall)These are the ideas that I think would look gorgeous and at a very minimal price.

These are the ideas that I think would look gorgeous and at a very minimal price.

I can’t wait to show y’all the final touch of the room makeover.

Stay tuned!

Happy Crafting!