Egg Avocado salad!

I’m a big fan of breakfast,are you? in fact I think it’s fair to say it’s my favourite meal of the day. Unfortunately since becoming a mama I don’t always get to enjoy a relaxed breakfast:)

Salads can be creative and balanced, healthy and tasty, a simple and fulfilling meal, easy to prepare, fresh and rich with nutrients.

I don’t always love cooking. I have my moments; usually when it’s quiet or late at night, but some days I just have to get the family nourished and it doesn’t need to be beautiful all the time.image1-23


Here’s the recipe;


Hard boiled eggs/Avocado

Mayonaise  /Lemon

Salt to taste

Preparation;Simply boil the eggs and remove the shells,you can use a fork to mash the eggs and avocado,add a spoonful of mayonaise  and pinch of lemon and salt to taste and its ready!!

You can serve this with toasted bread with loads of butter!

This recipe is such an easy one.

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Breaking up with breastfeeding!

It’s been well more than a year since I’ve been a breastfeeding mom, breastfeeding is known to be best for your baby, its one of the best thing I’ve ever..experienced

Browsing on all those nice pictures related to breastfeeding and its easy sometimes to see everyone’s lives through the rose coloured lens of IG and think everyone’s lives are perfect isn’t it?

Well,we all have struggle through,we all have bad days but that does not stop us from doing our responsibility and accepting things the way it is and just go with the flow.

Good’ol fashioned nursing,nothing seems to comfort or soothe a teething baby/unwell/cranky baby.


I have to admit that I will always hold a soft spot in my heart for those special times with my baby.At the same time, breastfeeding is often a most challenging and depleting time,

There were tears!
As much as i adore my nursing relationship with my daughter,there are days where i can feel myself getting anxious and frustrated,days where i wish she would move on.
I’m happy I nursed her as long as I did, but I was ready to wean!
I thought that’s what I was “supposed” to do. It was terrible! Neither one of us was ready to wean. The night I stopped nursing I was so engorged, and she was a screaming mess.
When breastfeeding, inevitably the topic of weaning comes up. “How long will you go for?” “What’s your goal?” “Are you going to nurse until baby is ready to stop?”
We read so much before giving birth about the challenges of breastfeeding, but no one mentions the challenges of weaning..
So,here i am, the reality is lil miss is turning 2 in no time and i just can’t imagine..
I’ve made a routine recently and i wasn’t sure it’ll really worked,but it did.
I’ve stopped breastfeeding her during the day i know its difficult coz they keep on clinging and there’s no way we can push them away,call me a mean mother really does not matter,seriously!
Here’s the trick all i did was i always have small/tiny lemon in the house,here’s why?Whenever lil miss would come looking for booboo all I did was rub the lemon on my nipples and the expression OMG!(too cute too handle) it worked and you know how that guilt will always take over you,there are times when i cry, not that i totally weaned her off,i feed her twice in a day when she sleeps during the day and at night and guess what does she say-Mama magic:)and rub the nipple and smile through out(I’m sobbing right now)its difficult to get it off especially when they’re sleepy,the only thing that soothe them,but I’m giving it sometime to let go during these hours too  and I’m pretty sure we can do it.
A full-time mom is all about managing/running errands in the house,to be very honest,not like any other toddler,my kid is a foodie so feeding her and introducing solid food to her was the easiest,i aint bragging,she eats almost everything,she even eats maggi with raw onions:)lol!
We all have our own views,after all no two moms are the same, different ways of parenting when it comes to our decision be it weaning/when is the right time to feed them/keeping them at the daycare/playschool/getting back to work etc..the list goes on…
Im happy now that my daughter is also adjusting and il cherish these moments, that i was able to nourish her ,these moments are precious and our bond is strong!
So,all you mamas out there it takes time and what really worked for me is PATIENCE its the key,the more you push them away the worse the situation becomes.
Breastfeeding relationship changes so much in the course of a year.
Would love to hear from the changes in the breastfeeding relationship!
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Welcoming summer!

Hi there, everyone!I can’t believe its already March which means spring is here,while i was packing lil miss winter wear this morning,something just hit me and realised that my baby is a grown up kid now, she won’t be able to wear these clothes until next year and what do i do with them?those nice tiny waist coat/jackets-tiny jeggings-winter rompers etc..sobbing:(!

Nothing in the world matters seeing your kid growing up right infront of your eyes hmmm..lil senti here and i think every mom can relate to this.


With that being said, back to what i wanted to share with y’all i’m already feeling the change of season, new season, new set of posts!


Pastel colours are a must this summer ,the colours and styles are on trend and fun, with an accessory ,giving a dress up touch kids love.


Don’t you love coming across new finds for your kids especially when they are super cute, cool and fit well in the budget?but but….the clothes must be comfortable in fit, comfortable in style, comfortable in texture and be on trend for kids to love!


I mean seriously how cute are these?

Footwear@sandal H&M,shoes@shoopenkids



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