Easy toddler meal!

Hello guys,its been a while since i last posted,hope y’all enjoyed your weekend as mush as i did:)

My haphazard mix of mothering, tweeting, playing, blogging, housekeeping, reading, and just plain randomness frustrates us all. The day ends feeling wasted, and when I look at my surroundings, I realise I’ve gotten nothing done,so today i woke up all geared up with my to do list and i have to at least have a green mark on my list..hmm so without any further ado,Im here to share a recipe,its been at the parking lot for decades.

If you’re searching for homemade recipe of healthy food for toddlers /kids you’re not going to find one simpler than this healthy stew.

What you give your children when they are 1-3 years of age is very important, because the nutritional needs of kids are high at this age. Plus, if they do not get used to variety at this stage, they are unlikely to enjoy different foods at a later age! So, try to include more types of food in their diet, like the Dal and Vegetable soup,meat,fish etc..


Cooking time-1hour

Best for 1-3 years


4-5 pieces pumpkin

2 carrots

1 beetroot

1-2 sweet potatoes or normal potatoes

2 pieces of fish(preferably stomach)

Onion/garlic(i prefer it grinded)

1tablespoon butter

Salt to taste.

Method-Make sure the veggies are washed properly,in a large bowl,mix together all the items pre heat the slow cooker.

First thing first,fry the fish with a spoonful of butter,once its fried and its a lil brownish,remove from flame.

Heat veg oil/olive oil and saute the onions and veggies(salt to taste) for 10-15 mins,add 1-2 cups of water and allow to simmer till the veggies are slightly soft,add the fish/ginger and keep it in low flame and let it boil and make sure the fish does not break into pieces while steering, and mix well until its cooked,you can serve it with a steam rice or bread(always make sure the fish is kept seperately before serving so that you can clear the bones and its not as frustration or hard to scrap the bones)

Always use a fork and mash the veggies so that your toddler will not have trouble swallowing.

Hence the result!


Thank you for stepping by and hope your lil one enjoy  this simple and healthy recipe!