New Craziness travelling with a baby!

Last year was our babymoon our last vacation of true relaxation😊this year was a little different we had a baby.
There was no time spent reading on the beach,sipping fruity drinks,we didn’t spend anytime clicking pretty beach pictures,it was quick ,random pictures!

Oh!Thank God we didnt take our DSLR with usπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

The Lawn!
This place is amazing!

So,this trip was not planned at all,we just decided to take a break to escape all those things you normally do at home:) first thing first hmm it was a bad time to visit this place since it was off season and it was raining mess,but the best part was we’ve been craving for this weather,delhi was stinking hot,surviving her for last 7years we still can’t bear the heat its horrible,so the vacation was still highlight of the year so far:)

We stayed for 3nights and we had an awesome time but we had to stick to the routine especially her sleep;)I loved traveling with my husband Β just after we were married. But I love it more now that I have kid, It takes it to another level.

Cuteness overlaod!
Morning family selfie!
On our way to the famous Martin’s corner!
Seeing things through children’s eye is magical!
The lonely beach!


There’s something unique travelling with a baby you can’t sleepwalk through it or fake it,travelling with a kid should be an ongoing one and I’m speaking from my experience start thinking-planning !Its fun!

Thank you for stepping by!