Rice Pudding!

Rice pudding is a good baby food,this is one of the best and simplest of all,its the food you’ll love,rice pudding can be made with natural ingredients and its a lot healthier it offers a small amount of vitamin A and C.

Preparation-30 mins

Cooking time -1-2 hours

Best for babies-8-12 months



1cup rice

1 litre whole milk / 2-3 glasses of water

1/2 spoon sugar

Method-Pour the milk in a heavy based pan and heat it,wash the rice and cook it for sometime,slowly bring it to boil (lower the heat) simmer rapidly, continue sitirring from time to time to prevent the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pan,add the milk once the rice slightly soft and continue stirring until soft and creamy, once the mixture begins to thickens,remove from heat.

The taste is always better with a pinch of  cinnamon, chopped pistachios & golden raisins or you can add jam too, since I’m making it for my baby its always best to keep it simple.


Thank you for reading!



Quick and easy homemade baby food!

Hey everyone this is my first post on baby food recipes and I will try to post more on this topic in future which are tried and tested .

Some recipes are incredibly easy to make and it’s also a great way to keep your baby healthy.
I ain’t pro myself but still learning:). Follow below what I think is highly recommended for new mama’s to adapt .
A sliced pumpkin(fresh)
2 slices of sweet potato
A spoon of butter
2 cups of boiled water
1 spoon of cereals(rice and lentils each)
Pumpkins-They are good source of potassium,protein & iron .Pumpkins can be poached,boiled,steamed or baked..but i prefer to mix everything and cook it together.
Sweet potatoes-They are high in vitamin A and beta carotene as well as potassium.
It contains a good amount of VitaminE,Calcium and folate(its good for first baby food-sep starters)
In a large bowl,mix together all the items pre heat the slow cooker ,add butter and mix all the ingredients and keep on stirring(leave it covered for 5-7 minutes)add boiled water and let it cook(it takes at least 15-20mins)
Make sure the vegetables are cooked and soft once cooked (mash it for 5 minutes incase your baby is still struggling with teething).
Its easy as it sounds – good source of necessary natural source of vitamins / minerals and healthy dose of energy to keep your lil one happy and healthy . Few snaps of end results for you guys to refer .
Hope your lil one enjoys it:)!

How i deal with my health problem postpartum !

When women become mothers,they enter a new phase in life with many unknowns

Taking home a new baby is one of the happiest moments in woman’s life.

After Mia was born i was the happiest person on earth and it was such an amazing experience..There is no easy way to start this but I have to. How can i not speak about my own PP journey !!!

In the beginning i  just loved what I’ve accomplished and was proud of myself.

Everything was fine except sleepless night here and there and not knowing how to handle my tiny baby and how to raise her!Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.24.05 pm
Everything seems to be going well but after 20 days or so after my delivery I have started to feel  a lil uncomfortable-uneasy and pain around my abdomen . Initially I had no clue why I was having these pain?
 I thought it was normal to have these pain after c-section but it got worse and there was a point when I couldn’t even sleep-eat-nurse my baby.
We finally decided to visit my mid-wife and figure out why it is happening. She prescribed few meds assuming it to be acidity since pain was just below my rib cage..but with so many reoccurrence within a week  my doctor advice us to get an ultrasound done.My worst nightmare came true -the result says i have Gall Stone and seems entire sac is full . Sudden weight loss has made things more worst for me as per the radiologist .
It did scare the shit out of me and I just could not control my emotions and cried.Not for fact that i couldn’t handle it, but what worries me was my daughter coz i have to undergo a surgery again. I was confused, i couldn’t leave her with anyone since  she was too small and i was clueless and lost .
I decided to take medicines for a while expecting to get some temporary relief ,but pain keeps coming back upto a point wherein i could not take it anymore . .it was such a scary and dark time that was filled with guilt for the feeling the way i did, i couldn’t eat- lost-depressed,i was sobbing mess!!
I would often call my doctor to check if there was any other alternative apart from the meds since it was not helping..my doctor suggested to visit the hospital and get intravenous injection and keep few at home incase of any emergency..these pain would occur at night-day-midnight you name it we had to rush to the hospital every second day and i felt guity and selfish leaving my baby behind with my nanny..but i didn’t have much choice. There were times when i have to stay the entire night at the emergency room or labour room never have i felt this way, my husband would ask what he could do to help knowing there was nothing he could do.
After a month we finally decided to get it done for good,it was during the month of June and thanks to my father-in-law who flew just to be here to support and take care of everything else.
I can go on and on but I’m gonna cut it short here, I finally got my surgery done and the relief..oh my God, throughout this journey all i did was Pray Pray Pray!! I felt like myself again( but did came at the cost of  5 scar marks in my stomach from the procedure ) -the beauty and joy that my baby has brought into this world!
Thank you Dear Lord!
 To all the mothers out there i want you  to know that what you are feeling is real-you aren’t doing any favor by ignoring-get help-speak-reach out!!

My breastfeeding experience!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!Today i wanted to share my story on breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is so natural but its not always easy..

With Mia,breastfeeding was quite easy, with everything going on new mom-pain-joy-happiness-i still remember my first breastfeeding and i thought to myself,”Alright You and I are in this together” i had no idea what i was doing.My doctors and nurses were quite helpful and would visit us and help me to practise. 

At first it was difficult since i was still struggling with my stitches and the pain was horrible, but didn’t give up. I couldn’t lie down and breastfeed her so I used  a chair for a week or two and there were times when i had to stay up the entire night. It was really difficult especially those first 2weeks  since my nipples were flat and it was quite challenging to feed her. On advise we had to use the pump and for me it didnt really work, luckily my father-in-law is a gynaecologist and he advised us to use a syringe(of course not with the needle:D LOL)and it worked for me . 

Gosh i can still recall back the pain of not being able to feed my baby initially but with time everything was in place and what I’ve learned is we have to be patient and don’t give up.

Food plays a very important role and and in the midst of every thing i had to learn and research as new mom to know what to to eat while breastfeeding.

I know I’m not the only woman to have felt this way,infact i didn’t have it as bad as some women do.

People told me to give up breastfeeding, but i kept going and I’m glad i did..Keep going its worth it!!

The physical and emotional closeness that i have with her It’s such a special relationship.


There were times when I’m all decked up attending wedding/birthday parties etc..when duty calls..it on and give less shit about getting my tata’s out:)

Its (unbelieveable) i can’t fully express how it actually feels,but the bond is amazing,i cherish every moment-second and nothing makes me happy giving her everything her body needs and i plan to do it until she’s one year.    

I hope hearing my story will help any new mama’s out there,I would very much welcome and invite yo guys to share your experience too!