Battling Hair fall Postpartum!

After pregnancy,everything changes even seemingly little things like hair and skin.

I started having these hair fall when my daughter turned 3 months. At first I thought it was due to my bad habit of ill treating my hair over the years from colouring /highlight/straightening etc . I  would recall  days when I would visit the salon every second day and my husband refuse to understand why!!

To start with, my hair was always in bad shape -neither straight or curly. So I decided to get it straighten( back in 2008-09 or i could not  recall exactly ) and followed it every year once or twice in a year. Whenever the hair growth would pop out I use the straightener almost everyday .

All hair experiments came to an end when I got pregnant 🙂 

Okay,  back to where I started with my hair fall postpartum. 

I was really worried.. i knew it was normal post child birth but wasn’t sure whether it was  TRUE HAIR LOSS OR TEMPORARY HAIR SHEDDING:)    

Neither I am a hair specialist nor I’am known as an expert hair blogger .I tried following many advices and used too many different variants of home and commercial remedies . But the product that finally suited my hair was L’OREAL Mythic oil.It contains grape seed oil,vinifera seed,cotton seed oil,citric acid,avocado oil etc etc…. 


After I used the products for a certain period of time, it took around a month or two for my hair to recover fully . I still have some embarrassing pics of me almost going bald;) but I’m here now and better than ever so!!(oh just reminded me those hair growth they look like whimsy flyaway lol:)

So I’ve been using these product for almost 4/5 months now and seeing progress ..  and very happy with it to recommend and try it( although the results may vary person to person and hair quality).  

I would very much welcome and invite you guys to share what has worked for you during the postpartum phase.











Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.15.52 pmScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.10.38 pm

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.09.45 pm

 These pictures we taken few months back,(Myra was just 4months)Gosh time really flies:)!

When i look at these pictures,i just see a brand new mama:)All the fears I had of being a first-time mom; all the apprehensions I had of handling a new-born; all the fears of raising a child while working were taken away by her tiny hands. I felt as if nothing was impossible.Everything could be managed as long as I was holding her hands and its amazing how time can heal you physically and mentally!

Almost 8 months after delivering my baby girl,i’m finally getting the hang of things;)
I’m so ecstatic to be able to start sharing our new part of life..
I would love to share-talk about parenting-babyproducts-babyfood  etc..etc..!!


My birth story!

Its been exactly 8months since Myra Hope arrived into this world and there are simply no words to describe the love I have experienced in the past few moths.. I’ve felt something that I’ve never felt before, emotions stirred inside of me that I never even knew existed! Although it will be hard to translate my emotions down on paper, I will do my best to accurately share my Birth Story with you today!
Myra Hope arrived on friday 22nd may 2015 at 12:5o pm weighing 2.6 kg .It was Friday  early morning,(4:30am)my 38th week of pregnancy, when I felt like peeing.. I honestly thought I just had to use the restroom, but evidently I didn’ water broke and for a sec i thought i was still peeing:)although i knew and I’ve attended few classes about labour pain-contraction etc etc..we immediately called the doctor and she asked us to rushed to the hospital . Thank God my diaper bag was ready ! Overall it was a mixed feeling of being scared and joyous at the same time not knowing what to expect.

We arrived at the hospital on Friday at around 5:15 am,and I was nervous and still wasn’t sure whether it was time for my baby’s arrival.

Absolutely no pain i was normal, the only thing that was bothering me was my water kept on dripping time and again and i was really worried and scared,my doctor advised us and been pushing us to try for normal delivery ,upon doctors arrival they have decided to induce me with medicine so that dilation will start ..

Once they got me on pitocin the contractions started to come in harder and stronger. I’ve never been in so much pain before….I was extremely scared..i just couldn’t bare the pain and i told my husband to take it off before i start punching everybody . He didn’t listen since he wanted me to bear it for sometime and i literally cried.

I did try but i just couldn’t bear it anymore , so we finally decided to go for CS and my doctor was not at all happy with the decision. They took me to the OT  and I had to lie down and really snuggle before the poke (spinal injection) . I started feeling dizzy and was semi-conscious and next thing i could heard was my  baby crying….There she is right in front of me and only thing i could think of is things are happening so much faster than what I imagined it to be. After they cut the umbilical cord and cleaned her up they gently placed her on my chest so we could immediately bond “skin to skin”. Within seconds an overwhelming feeling of love poured throughout my body. As she was laying on me I remember counting her little fingers, and just staring at her in awe… I couldn’t believe that she was mine:)

We stayed in the hospital for 2nights and we had to wait for her  and I was also recovering at the same time.  Since my baby girl was a little pre-mature so the doctor decided to keep her in the observation for a day and was not being able to nurse her since my stitches were not yet healed.


It was only after 2 days i started holding her and was struggling with my  breastfeeding.    It was a bit frustrating at first, but got the hang of it within a week ..I immediately felt this cosmic connection with Myra … a feeling of comfort and security.From her tiny little smirks, to her cute dimple, to even the expression she would make when she goes poopoo (it’s the funniest face ever!) , we can’t get over the fact that she is ours. It has been such a indescribable experience thus far. I can say that is has been possibly the hardest thing i’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding. She’s a part of me and i’m part of her….it’s truly a magical thing!!


Baby-Shower !

It’s a little surreal that I just celebrated my baby shower as I feel like I literally just got pregnant…time really flies. Although i’m extremely excited to finally meet my baby i’m also a bit saddened by the fact that my pregnancy journey is almost over. I think it’s safe to say that pregnancy has changed me as a woman pregnancy has taught me to enter EVERYDAY with a gracious heart no matter what i’m going thru. Each day is part of this amazing journey, and i’m so grateful and feel blessed!

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 2.48.36 pm

Behind every woman,there’s there’s a wonderful hard working man..shout out to my dear husband #feelblessed



Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 3.13.01 pm


A little fun here and there..

Everything was DIY!!

My Pregnancy Journal !!

The woman who has no interest to cook-clean and didn’t know A about how is it like being responsible-the woman who had no aspiration in life and was only worried about herself and  would say things like “I would never stay home with a baby, who does that?”

Things have changed drastically after I got pregnant, we were overjoyed when we got to know that there’s this tiny little angel inside me..people often say that its very difficult to manage all by ourself for 9months but that is so not true of course there were hiccups here and there but we sorted it out just the two of was difficult initially for the first trimester and I  followed advice,read books.quit coffee.It teaches you to slow down-be quite, but never have I felt more grateful than being given a chance to bring a life onto this earth!

PREP MOM-From my experience i may not be eating for two yet,but its never too early to start eating well for the baby..folic acid is must(since it was advised from my mid-wife) which is found naturally in whole grains and green leafy vegetables..its also a good idea to start cutting back on junk food and high-fat foods and increase fruits and vegetables and from my experience i eat almost everything and keep in mind to keep track on my regular check up!

My first trimester was quite dull and i guess every mom-to-be experienced  it but then again every individual experience different issues,with me it was nausea-vomiting-morning sickness-smell sensitivity etc etc..with time everything went well till my 8th month and yea i did managed to cook and
make sure that breakfast-lunch was ready(Pat on my back;)never missed packing lunch for my husband even it was just salads or veggies)

BABY-MOON-It was quite difficult to mange time especially for my husband so we decided to go on a short trip and coincidently the day after we reached was valentine’s day followed with his birthday so it was well-spent!(this was our onlypic baby moon)


DIAPER BAG-I started shopping for my baby, bought almost everything before i completed 8th months since it was quite difficult to walk and roam about during these months and its very diaper was ready by the 7th month..(this was advised from my all the experienced mothers-mid-wife and yea it is a very good idea

Well this was my experienced and yea i wish i can write & share more i will be sharing my baby shower pics too!